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Insurance Claims

Auto Glass Perfection LLC is an approved auto glass repair and replacement shop for virtually every insurance company operating in our market. In fact, we are considered a preferred provider by several of these companies, including Allstate and Travelers. This status allows us to expedite the claim filing process.

Be aware that your insurance company may try to send your claim through a third-party network that it has contracted with. Although this arrangement has resulted in cost savings for the insurance industry, the service level experienced by the policyholder has suffered. Virtually anyone with a phone number and a truck is on these network lists.

To make matters worse, some networks solicit low-ball bids from shops with the enticement of additional referrals. This has resulted in policyholders being steered to “glass shops” that have little to no experience, use inferior and unsafe materials, and provide service levels no one should have to deal with.
Of course, the consumer has no idea this might happen. Your insurance company tells you to call an 800 number in order to have your auto glass replacement or repair all taken care of.
DON’T make that mistake! CALL AUTO GLASS PERFECTION FIRST and we will walk you through the process, making sure that you do not get steered to a regrettable experience.

As an affiliate of every network program, Auto Glass Perfection will invoice your insurance company for the accepted price. This assures that you will be in compliance with your insurer’s accepted reimbursement rates, and you will never be charged any additional fees.

A word about insurance claims: Many customers ask, “Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim for my windshield replacement?”

The short answer to this question is NO. Your insurance rates should not increase due to auto glass replacement. Insurance companies do not factor glass claims by themselves into the equation when determining your risk assignment or your insurance rates. Unlike accidents, windshield replacements are comprehensive claims that you have no control over. Everyone’s situation is different, so to be sure you should check with your agent.

Call or email us if you have a question about an insurance claim. We believe in honest, quality service, and we’re glad to talk to you

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I recently had my front passenger side window punched in by someone certain that they wanted my cars contents far more than I.  After calling several glass companies (and getting no answer during open business hours or unavailable until the next day), I stumbled upon Auto Glass Perfection.  Not only were they able to replace my window the same day, but their quote was over $100 cheaper than the lowest previous one.  Jack was in contact an hour after I made the appointment and had everything cleaned/replaced in an hour!

Hopefully I never have the need to use this service again, but if that need arises, they’ll be my first and only call!


Yelp/ Ryan D/ Phoenix, AZ

Honest, straightforward, and reasonable pricing. Much better experience with Auto Glass Perfection than the last two times dealing with another auto glass company.

BBB / Dale L / Phoenix AZ

Today my wife vehicle was hit by a giant rock on the fwy the caused her windshield to actually shatter! I remembered I had Mark Linebarger business card and called him. He went out to her work in Goodyear the same day and kept everything just as simple and easy as it was the first time!

BBB / Jonathon / Gilbert, AZ

Not only did they come to my location but they arrived when they said they would, they were just as fast as they said they would be, and it was completely hassle free with both them as well as my insurance company just as they promised. 3 times and not one issue…no reason for me to go anywhere else or recommend anyone else.

BBB / Andrew L / Gilbert AZ
1545 E YUCCA ST., Ste B. PHOENIX, AZ 85020
(602) 892-4772
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